What do Asian elephants eat for live

What do Asian elephants eat for live

What do Asian elephants eat ?

Asian elephants live usually in tropical rain forests in Asian countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, China, Bangladesh, etc. they are grey in color. Females do not have tusks but male elephants have.Elephants are the largest terrestrial animal in the world. Hence they need a huge amount of food to maintain their body. What do elephants eat? Elephants are herbivores which mean they depend only on vegetation. Between the two species of elephants currently living in the world African elephant is the largest one and Asian elephant is the little bit smaller than African elephant. Because of their habitats are different according to the part of the world they have been spread their diet is also the little bit different. Because the plant types and their dispersion are slightly different.

An Asian elephant needs about 150-170kg of vegetation in a single day. Both African and Asian elephants commonly eat leaves, plants, barks and roots of trees, fruits, etc. in addition to these food Asian elephants prefer bamboo and grass. Because not as in elephants in African countries in Asia grasslands and rain forests are abundant. Although some crops like banana and sugarcane are threatened by wild elephants in Asian countries. Elephants add salts to their diet and they supply salts by digging the earth.

Elephants used to roam from one area to another area searching for food usually 13-20 miles per a day. Roaming helps elephants to find the variety of food not allowing depend on one type of food. Elephants spend about 80% of the time in each day for feeding and it is approximately 16 hours. This duration of time can be slightly varied according to what do elephants eat because if the diet of an elephant has a higher percentage of rough stuff more time is taken for the ingestion. What do Asian elephants eat

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