The most intelligent animal in earth, the elephant and the elephant brain

The elephant is the largest animal. Not only from the body, an elephant has the biggest brain too. That is the reason it is named as the most intelligent animal on earth. some common facts, the elephant brain shows some similarities with the human brain. The complexity of the human brain is much similar to the brain of an elephant. The African elephant is the animal with the highest intelligence level.

Elephants use many Ways to show the maximum intelligence level with elephant brain. When you carefully observe the wildlife in a jungle or a rain forest, you can easily find elephants who searching for food and do many things to live their life. The elephants have a good knowledge of how to use the elephant brain. There are so many listed ways to prove them. Let us what are those.

Using the elephant brain with its needs

Think when an elephant have discovered that one of its body parts are itching and they just cannot reach that particular place by taking the help of its trunk. Because the trunk of an elephant does not have the length to fit that part of the elephant body. Now the elephant brain starts to work. The elephant will look for a tree where it can get help to scratch its body. They will use the tree to rub the itching part of their body and make it done.

Or else the elephant have got another option. They will find a tall stick which is taller than their trunk. So there the elephant brain works. They will gradually navigate their trunk to hold the tall stick to the place where it is itching for the elephant. Now it will do scratch the specific area which is itching and make it happen in that way too.

Let us move on with another action which shows how intelligent is the elephant and how this kind of animal use its elephant brain to solve their day to day tiny problems. Think of if an elephant is having a problem with between the forelegs of an elephant. A stick is stuck between the forelegs and they cannot just take it with its trunk. So how can this be solved? Now the elephant brain will find a solution quickly. They find a piece of the stick where they can use it to take out the stick which happened to bother the foreleg of an elephant. So that problem is also solved, thanks to the elephant brain.

elephant-88976_640Elephants have to bother about fly all the time. fly tend to sit on the backbone of an elephant. Elephant often does swat them. But this is a difficult task with its trunk. So with its elephant brain, they find a way to solve them. The elephant will search for vegetation which can use as a fly swatter. The elephant will choose plants of palm frond also they look for something similar with that. They use them to chase the fly. This plant will help to reach the areas of an elephant body where they cannot do it with the elephant’s trunk. That is how the elephant brain works for elephants.

How the elephant brain help to have a good food.

Yes, the brain of an elephant will help through having healthy food also. In a rain forest or a jungle, elephants need to search for vegetation which they can see. Some may do not fit for consumption. Elephants have a good intelligence level when comes to choosing food. They use their elephant brain to choose the correct food.

Think of an elephant finds a food for it to eat, it can be grass plant and it comes with a lump of soil from earth with the root of the particular plant. They will use their elephant brain and shake the plant so it can be free from soil lump which is the root of the plant. Now the grass plant is free from soil and they can consume it without any fear or hesitation.

Same as that if they get some pure water somewhere near, they will choose them to clear the grass plants soil lump which is the root of the plant. See how amazingly the elephant thinks about its healthiness through its food consumption. This all is because of the amazing elephant brain which an elephant has.

How can an elephant brain help them to be secured?

elephant brainNow we move on to a real world where people live nearby forest. Sometimes elephant chooses to live in places where people also live. This happens more in rural and village areas. People will instantly think n how to protect themselves from elephants. They always think for new things and innovative things to defeat elephants. So, as a result, people will make and establish electric fences on assumed places where an elephant can enter the villages with civilisation.

Now an elephant comes to such a place to search food and to live their life peacefully. They gradually make an entry to the civilised village. Now the elephant brain has the ability to recognise that something must be there obviously to prevent them from getting into the village. They will eventually find that the people have built an electric fence that will make them stop from entering the village.

Elephants will break them as much as they can by throwing rocks, logs and whatever they think that they can break the electrical fence with. They know how to protect their self with all those stuff which can put them in a trouble. Elephant brain is used to determine on how to break the electrical fence. They will straightly consider on how to break the earth wire of the electrical fence. They go ahead to break the particular wire which makes the contact with the earth wire or loose the particular wire to break the current supply to the electrical fence.

Different stories from different countries regarding the elephant brain

elephant brainNot only in a particular country, each and every country who have elephants in forests or any establishments, they can do many things with their elephant brain and tell that they are the most intelligent animal on the earth. It is important to get to know how other elephants in other regions behave. They also have the maximum quality of intelligence.

In India which the main country where Asian elephants live. There is a particular incident happened to ensure that elephants have the great aspect of intelligence with their elephant brain. Let us move on to that particular incident. An elephant in India was used for the purpose of following a truck and depending on a particular command it has to pull logs out from the truck which it was meant to follow. After pulling the specified logs from the truck the elephant has to place those logs into some holes which were pre-dug.

This particular task was to be done by this elephant was for a decoration purpose of a ceremony. Now this well-trained elephant was able to follow the rules of the commander as he says. At a point this elephant was unable to put the log into the pre-dug hole, the elephant remains holding the log in the air with a slight gap from the whole, this was just to notify the people who are willing to complete the task faster by the elephant. The elephant brain was amazing to capture the fault of this hole and made the others on realising that something is not ok with the task.

So the mahout also known as the elephant driver came to investigate on what is wrong with the dug hole. He found that a dog was sleeping at the bottom of the hole. The elephant brain was clever enough to capture the fault and let others know about it. This incident shows how clever is an elephant.

Now let us move on to look at African elephants elephant brain. We all know that African elephants are the most intelligent animal on the earth. So this story will ensure the fact that African elephants are the most intelligent animal on earth.

This story happened in South Africa. The source says that an elephant does this amazing thing in forests. They do this after they are done with digging a hole and after drinking some water. The elephants look forward to finding a powerful and well-grown tree and go on with stripping a bark from the particular tree. They eat them and later they manage to chew it into a large piece of the ball.

Now they find the hole which they dug before and plug this chewed ball into this hole and later on they go on with covering it by using sand. This special process, later on, gives them water. When they remove the sand later on and go on with unplugging the hole which they used to plug and they discover that they have water to drink. See how intelligent they are. Elephant brain has the ability to think wise things and be prepared for the future with good ideas. This is a brilliant idea for elephants who have to pass the drought times during their life.

How can elephant brain used by young elephants ?

Young elephants love to play around each other and enjoy their life to the maximum. We have encountered a habit which is considered to be naughty by the young elephants. This fact also emphasise that they have a powerful elephant brain.

Small and young elephants go on with plugging up their wooden bell which they use to wear around their necks using stodgy much which appears good or clay, this may result in disabling the clappers from ringing. Why should an elephant brain think of doing something like this? The motive is to enter the lands where bananas are cultivated. In the night it will be easy to do so. From this way they can silently do the thing in a perfect manner.

These elephants will have a lot of time to finish the process of consuming bananas. They will go eating bananas and the leaves. Sometimes the young elephants will have the time to finish the whole tree even. The best thing that shows how powerful is the elephant brain is that these small elephants will go on with the process of consuming bananas just beside the hut of the owner of the garden, the elephants will manage the process by making as calm as possible and keep the whole environment silent. So the owner or his family want to wake up with the sounds from the young elephants.

elephant brain of an elephant helps them to face random and unexpected situations of their life. these set of intelligent animals emphasise that they have the best and powerful intelligent mind among all the animal species in the world. Not only the intelligence, these elephant brain is a major part of the body of an elephant because it helps them to memorise so many things.

Elephants do have a great and a maximum capacity of a memory power. They know all the things that they should remember in their life. for an example, if a man or a group of people went on to disturb and elephant or do something that would nearly kill their life, an elephant brain will record that incident and whatever happens they have the courage and memory power to defeat them and take the revenge. That is dangerous but that is the truth with the elephant kingdom.

If people try to mess with elephants they have to face other calamities which they have to face from such elephants. elephant brain is also capable of remembering some important things which will help to lead their life in a correct way.

We all know that elephants roam from a part of a country to another part. They do this for the search of food and a suitable place to live. They have to travel a huge distance to search the essential things they need to live. So it is important to remember the path of travelling. This will help the elephant herd to travel to the correct places with food in the correct weather conditions of a year. The elephant brain plays a lead role to remember those things as well.

The amazing anatomy of elephant brain.

One should obviously know about the anatomy of the elephant brain. Well, this is a very interesting subject to talk about the anatomy of the brain of the elephant. So many scientists have revealed interesting things about the brain of an elephant. A scientist named Herbert Haug was interested to collect details about the elephant brain and was in a comprehensive type of a study between several types of brains of several animals.

This collection includes the anatomy studies of the brain of an elephant, the human brain and the brain of the dolphin. The aim of this study was to find out is there any way to relate the intelligent behaviour of each and every brain of these three different animals. These three brains of this three creatures are distinct from each other. The similarity is all of these brains are large in size.

As we mentioned early the elephant brain is the largest brain from all the land animals. Have you got an idea on how a brain of an elephant weights? Well, it is about nine to twelve pounds. Besides it is a fact that the elephant has not only the largest brain but also it owns the largest body mass too.

When considering the whole body of an elephant, the elephant brain weighs about 0.08 percent of its whole body weight. When talking about other creatures such as horse and human, the horse has about 0.25 percent of their total amount of body weight. We human brain weighs about three to four pounds. The human brain is also large when considering these facts. The human brain is about 2 percent of our whole body weight.

elephant brain, human brain also the brain of the dolphin shares a common fact. That is they all have brains which are highly convoluted. This aspect of the brain will increase the surface and the area of a brain. These type of brains use to exemplify a very popular and a well-established correlation between the aspects of the degree of a brain folding and the degree of intelligence and the flexible type of behaviour which is found to be in the brains of mammals. Of course, elephant brain is belong to a mammal.

Why is elephant brain so special ?

What Do Elephant EatThe brain of an elephant is special because of the appearance in the elephant brain. When you closely and carefully observed the brain of an elephant, you will configure that three areas of the brain of an elephant are enlarged that other creatures brains. The names of those areas are the olfactory lobe, the temporal lobe of the cerebrum and the cerebellum are those three areas. What does this type of brain parts mean? This means that these part of enlarged brains are rich with neurones that other creature brains.

These neurones of the elephant brain help to function and control the rest of the body parts of an elephant. These specifically created neurones are connected well with the body part of elephants with a set of nerve fibres and make them correctly operated. So the elephant brain has a major role it its body.

how these parts of elephant brain are connected with the body parts ?

Those three large part of the elephant brain does different things in the body of an elephant. The olfactory lobe is the part of the brain of an elephant which directly connects with the fine innervation which is in the smell and sense part of the trunk of an elephant. Because of this elephants can communicate with their herd by sending signals and convey their emotions by touching methods of their trunk.

The part named cerebellum of the elephant brain is there which means to be connected with the muscle coordination in the elephant body. This aspect is related with other animal brains too. The researchers have found that this part of the feature is more similar to other mammals brains and body functions. This part of the brain of an elephant is there to connect with the muscles and the trunk of an elephant.

All studies show that the trunk of an elephant is very helpful and powerful when the elephant do their day to day work. When you observe the trunk movement of an elephant you can see that they are highly intelligent. The elephants do so many things using their trunk. So it is a fact that their trunk is a mirror for their intelligence.

Why elephants have large brain parts ?

When the brain of an elephant is observed you can see that the part of them is enlarged. When talking about the part of the brain of an elephant which is named as the temporal lobes, this part is very large when comparing to other brain parts of mammals. No answer is for this aspect. This part of the elephant brain is connected with the hearing part of mammals. Well, when comes to humans this part does something different. It connects with the speech ability.

Now, this fact is clear on the temporal lobes of the brain of an elephant. The elephants are a creature where they can easily distinguish the sounds which they hear. This part is bigger in their brain so eventually, their ability to differentiate between such different sounds is easy. The sound list they can recognise includes the infrasound also.

Elephants have a brain which is common with the human brain. With complexity, it can be similar. The sea whale may have a large brain, but elephant has a brain where it can beat the mass and the size of every brains.

The Way elephant uses their trunk and other body parts to emphasise that they are the most intelligent animals on the earth.

The way an elephant use its trunk assay the level of its intelligence. They do most of the things with their trunk. Because their trunk is connected with brain directly. Because of the trunk of an elephant scientist have determined that they are highly intelligent.

An elephant has a very complex behaviour. An elephant has tusks which give a great help with their day to day life. They use their tusks to tear the trees. They will help the elephants to split the tree into pieces. An elephant will use his trunk, tusks and legs to tear the trees and find food from it. They have an amazing skilful method to do so. They follow a well-organized and easy methods to do such important things in their life.

When an elephant needs to eat the root of the tree, they will turn the tree upside down using their large head and their body. This special step is only can do by an elephant. It needs a big effort to do such a thing. Think of turning a big tall tree upside down by using the head.

Elephants have to have a huge experience to do such effortless things. The elephants know how to prepare their food using their body parts. They have an intelligent brain so that it will help to choose the correct and the effective way to do its things with less time.

One specific thing we can describe is elephants have the ability to think wise about the future. In other words, they know how to prepare for their future with best ideas. We can say this by carefully observing the lifestyle of elephants. It will clear the fact that elephants have a good intelligent brain and a good memory power.

As we have conveyed before, we have encountered that elephants have the ability to be ready for any situations. They know that they have to have food all the time because they have an idea about their digestive system. They choose so many ways to collect food and water when they have come across the drought times.

They have the perfect knowledge for choosing a better place to live when they need to move to another place when they have climate changes.

What else elephant have to prove that they are intelligent animals ?

Well, there are some other aspects where we can prove that elephants are highly intelligent and smart. Did you know that elephants can identify what language is spoken by others? Yes, they have that ability. The African elephant is capable of detecting the ethnicity, age and the gender of a person by the voice of a human. This fact was discovered by the University of Sussex of Brighton which is in the country of UK. So it is clear that elephant brain is very intelligent.

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