African elephant facts Of Wild Life

The introduction

African elephant facts  The animal kingdom has a large amount of species of animals. Elephants are somewhat important animal species that we need to gather information about. African elephant facts are interesting. Elephants have their very own and unique way to live. The African Elephant is one of the main kind and species of Elephant. There are so many things people should know about elephants which belong to this species.

The scientific view of African elephant facts

MAfrican elephant factsoving out to discuss Elephants, let’s start with its scientific name. African elephant facts contain about scientific name for African Elephant is known asLoxodonta. As an interesting part of African elephant facts, there is a fact people should know about the genus of an African Elephant. The genus includes two extant species. There are the African Bush Elephant with the scientific name L. Africana and the smaller African Forest Elephant which has the scientific name as L. cyclotides.

The kingdom of an African Elephant is Animalia, Phylum is said to be Chordata. The clade of the African Elephant is Synapsida. Mammalia is the class for them and order is stated as Proboscidea. While talking about the African elephant facts, it is important to know about their family name which they belong in. The family of an African Elephant is Elephantidae.

Important things about the body parts of an African Elephant from the African elephant facts

There are some special things to talk about the body features of the African elephant. Because it helps people to find out an original African Elephant. The African Bush Elephant is one of the species of African elephant family. African elephant facts is an interesting field to gather information.

African elephant factsThe African Bush Elephant is recognized as the largest living terrestrial animal. The place for the forest elephants is ranked as number three. Moving on to their body features, let us start by talking about their skin.

The African elephant facts say that they have a thick skin which is resting on its stocky legs. The back part of an African elephant is concave. As the main feature to recognize an African elephant, their large ears receive a high value.

Because Asian Elephant has small ears it’s easy to differentiate between both kinds of Elephants. The ears of the anAfrican elephant are big. This way will help them to lose heat. Their upper lip and nose are combined and it forms a trunk ultimately.

The trunk is an important body part in African elephant facts. Because the trunk of an African elephant is important because it’s occupied as their fifth limb. Not only that, their trunk is a sound amplifier for the African elephant. The African elephants use their trunk as an effective method of touch.

There is a significant difference between the trunk of an African elephant and an Asian Elephant. An African Elephants trunk ends in two opposing lips where the Asian elephant has a trunk which ends in a single lip.

What they say about the height and weight of an African Elephant in the African elephant facts?

The African elephant facts about the height and weight of African elephant is interesting to get to know. The male African elephant has a height up to their shoulder measuring as 3.2 to 4.0 m which means 10 to 13 ft. the weight of the Elephant is measured as 4,700 to 6,048 KG which means 10,360 to 13,330 lb. the female African Elephant records their height as 2.2 to 2.6 m which means 7 to 9 ft and their weight is 2,160 to 3,232 KG which means 4,762 to 7,125 lb. it is a specific fact in African elephant facts that L. cyclotides are small in size when comparing to other species.

Their male Elephants have the shoulder height at the value of 2.5 m which means 8 ft. there is a record which says about the largest individual African elephant in the African elephant facts. The height of that particular individual African elephant is said to be 4 m which means 13.1 ft. this height measurement was taken up to its shoulder. The weight of it is 10 tons.

African elephant facts on the teeth of an African Elephant

An African elephant owns four molars with them. Each one of molar is a weight around 5 Kg which means 11 lb. the measurement for each molar is 30 cm which means 12 inches long.African elephant facts state that the front pair of their teeth lies down. The back pair of their teeth moves forward. In addition, another two new molars emerged in the back part of the mouth of an African elephant.

As another important African elephant facts, an elephant replaces its teeth about four to six times during its lifetime.This happens during the period of 40 to 60 years of an African elephant’s age. An African Elephant will lose the last set of its molar teeth and as a result of that action, it will die later because of starvation. In African elephant facts, that reason of death is a common cause.

As another fact, African Elephants have a total number of teeth of 24. These teeth are situated in four areas inside their mouth. These 24 teeth are situated as six teeth per jaw of their mouth. The African Elephants have a fewer number of enamel plates of their molar teeth than Asian elephants have on their teeth.

The things they say about the tusks of African elephants in African elephant facts

The tusk of an African elephant is said to be their firm teeth. That means the tusks are the second set of incisors. The tusks of an African elephant plays the main role in their life. These tusks are used for digging the soil searching for roots and also they are used for stripping the bark from trees in order to have food for African Elephants. Apart from that purpose, the African elephant facts say that tusks of an African elephant are used to fight with other elephants during the mating season. A tusk is used for the protection of the African elephants. They use their tusks to protect themselves from the predators. African elephant facts state that an African elephant tusks weight from the range 23 to 45 kg which means 51 to 99 lb. their tusks can be long from 1.5 to 2.4 m which means 5 to 8 ft.

There is a special feature in African elephants. The female and male elephant have tusks. But Asian Elephant doesn’t have tusks. The tusks are curved forward in shape and their tusks grow long throughout the lifetime off and African elephant.African elephant facts say that some of the African Elephant help to grow the tusks of each other by pulling them forward so that they can make their mating task easy because the tusks are strong and curved also they are long.

Where can we find African Elephants? What does African elephant facts say about that?

The African Elephants have chosen some certain countries for their living purpose. African elephant facts say that African elephants can be found in the Eastern, Southern, Central and West Africa. There are found in forests mostly. The African Elephant have their tribes in the Sahelian scrub, mopane ,dense forests and miombo woodlands, or in desserts.

The African elephant facts about the behavior of African elephant.

As humans, African Elephants have their family too. As the things African elephant facts says to people, the African Elephant has a society which is made from family units. They live in a family. Each of their family is made of ten female African Elephants who are closely related to each other. The family includes of females and their calves. The African elephant facts state as this family unit is led by an older female African Elephant is known as matriarch.

An African elephant has so many types of behaviors. As humans, they have a wide range of ways to show their feelings. They have a good sense of humor and a good nature of caring for each other in their group. They are very intelligent and they have some other behaviors including selfishness, sadness, they even have the ability to do mimicry and play with their mates. They love to learn new things with their tribe and they stand for each other as a united group.

The view of reproduction in African elephant facts

An African elephant has their highest fertility level during the age of 25 and 45. The African elephants will deliver baby Elephants after a gestation period of nearly two years. The calves of each African Elephant is cared for by their mother and other females who are in their young age which belongs in the same group. This concept of caring by African Elephant is known as allomothers. Their caring nature is amazing.

Intelligence level of African elephants

The African elephant facts say that all the African Elephants are highly intelligent by nature

All the African Elephants are highly intelligent by nature. They have a very large and highly complex type of neocortex, a trait which they used to share with humans, apes and some special kind of dolphin species. The African elephant facts say that African elephants are the world’s most intelligent animal. Their brain is weight about 5 kg which means 11 lb. the African elephant own the largest brain of all of the land animals. Its brain is even larger than the whale. The brain of an elephant is more similar to the human brain.

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