Where Do Elephants Live in the Earth

Where Do Elephants Live

Do you know Where Do Elephants Live ? Elephants have a huge variety of food sources. Therefore they can survive in various environments in the world. What do elephants eat? Elephants can be found not only in grasslands but also deserts of Savannah convincing they can adapt to a wide range of various conditions in their habitats. Forest areas and swamps are also considered as habitats of elephants.

There are two main species of elephants in the world which are African elephants and Asian elephants. They used to live in tropical and sub-tropical areas. Their heir inhabiting environments are slightly different. African elephants have been spread in the rain forests of central West African and Sahel deserts in Mali. Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the most elephant-inhabited areas in Africa. Asian elephants live in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar like Asian countries. They are inhabited mostly in tropical forests with high moisture content to dry semi-deciduous forests.

What do African elephants eat
Where Do Elephants Live

Elephants need a huge amount of food and water to consume in a single day. Therefore they can be found in those areas easily or they may be moving towards areas with adequate food and water. This migration helps them to find ample food and water during rainy and even in the dry season. Elephants form migrational paths passing various environments and they continue to follow that paths year after years. Emigration allows them to take advantage of finding various types of food grow in various they passing through.

Elephants are known to be very intelligent animals. They can realize and respond to many responses like sad. They are having a huge threat from a human which is destroying natural habitats of wild elephants and therefore they have to give up their natural living place and have to move. Their intelligence helps to realize them when they have to move from somewhere and when they have to adjust somewhere new. Elephants can move averagely about 13-20 miles per day. This velocity depends on the age and body strength of the elephant.  They move not very fast or very slow. Therefore they can walk a long duration of time without getting tired. They can sense where should go.

What do Asian elephants eat for liveThe fact what do elephants eat is slightly varied according to the place are they are living because Asian elephants eat mostly grass while elephants in African countries depend on foliage usually due to unavailability of fresh and enough grass in those lands.

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