What do African elephants eat in wild

What do African elephants eat

What do African elephants eat? Elephants are the largest terrestrial animal and only two species are left in today’s world which are African elephants and Asian elephants. Between these two species, the African elephant is the larger one. These two vary from each other by few characters such as weight, head shape, the size of ears, skin, ribs, teeth, etc. Furthermore, they vary according to their diet too. What do elephants eat?

Elephants are herbivores, means animals which take only vegetation as their meal. They cannot even digest meat. Since elephant is a large animal a massive amount of vegetation is needed to maintain their body in a day. Usually, a diet of an elephant contains grass, leaves of trees, fruits, the bark of trees, sometimes roots, etc. Asian elephants need about 150kg of vegetation while the larger African elephant needs 150kg per day. But the failure of elephant’s digestive system is it is very ineffective. Only 40% of the ingested food is digested. Other 60% is excluded from the body undigested. Therefore they want to get food more than actually they want. world which are African elephants

African elephant which is the largest terrestrial animal in the world lives in northern Mediterranean coast to the southern tip. There are two types of African elephants called savannah elephants and forest elephants. Savannah elephants are found in eastern and southern Africa. Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe are the areas which African elephants can be found in much higher densities. The forest elephant is found in the equatorial rainforest zone of the west and central Africa.  These elephants eat leaves, soft shoots, woody plants, shrubs, and fruits of high-growing trees. Although they used to rip off the bark of trees and eat. Not only bark sometimes they uproot trees. If this happens in a savannah land a number of trees present in savannah and it can be eventually converted into grasslands. There are some differences on what do elephants eat between Africa and Asia. African elephant mostly eats plant shoot, leave while Asian elephant mostly depends on grass. What do African elephants

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